Places to Eat

Though it is not owned by the same people it was in the 80's, I think the place is just as good.  It has the same look, dark rooms, velvet oil paintings and good inexpensive food.
Xochimilco's is off Vernor highway on 23rd St. near the Michigan Central Building - in Mexican Town

Daly's looks the same today as it did back in the 80's, right down to the wood panel walls and

the heavy wood seats with the leatherette cusions. Their prices have stayed reasonable. I always have the Daly Dog, fries and a vanilla coke. Daly's is on Plymouth Rd. near Merriman in Livonia

Elias Bros. Big Boy on Plymouth Rd. and Farmington Rd

For as long as I can remember he Mercury Bar looked  closed - I guess it has become a coffee bar. Not really the best location for a coffee bar. Not much around it, but I guess there is pleanty of parking. From what I hear the coffee house is now closed - Maybe it has something to do with the appearance of Michigan Central in the background.
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